Looking back at WWII

The famous FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY

Above pic taken from www.ww2incolor.com
I was having a conversation with my parents this morning and not quite sure how we got onto the subject but ended up talking about the airforce and the war (not surprising since my dad is an ex RAF pilot - post war that is). My dad brought up a very valid point when he said that the 'chaps' on the ground that kept the aircraft up in the air under very difficult circumstances were not given enough credit. That is so true. When we talk, see a movie, read a book, whatever about the war it is always the pilots and men in the limelight that are the main focus of attention, but the ground crew played an equally important role in the war. If it wasn't for them those planes would not have got off the ground. Their expertise and ability to create spare parts from practically nothing and maintain those aircraft kept everything moving. I am quite sure the ground crew had some amazing stories to tell and it would be very interesting to hear a first hand account of the life of the average ground crew member.
So many untold or unrecorded fascinating stories - whatever side of the front line!