North Easterly Wind

We had some great North Easterly wind on Sunday. Fortunately we sailed early so got a few hours in before the rain set in later on in the afternoon. During the night it turned more North East and the wind increased to gale force which brought in bigger waves. The East coastline of Malta was a terrific sight on Monday with way over mast high waves breaking all along from Ghallis down to Pembroke. It was a great sight to watch and no doubt some of the wave surfers were out in the afternoon.
Above are two stills taken from some video clips with the boom mounted GoPro camera. One was taken in the Channel during the week in a Westerly wind so the air is beautifully clear. The other was taken on Sunday in the very murky air of a North Easterly wind - the difference in clarity is quite amazing - humidity on Sunday was up to around 94%.