Regular followers of my blog will, obviously, notice I have finally gone away from the revolting pinky coloured blog page I had and changed it to a kinder looking blue. I just wish I could stretch the actual blog page to cover the screen. My good blogging friend, Horsey, very kindly gave me advice on how to do it but it is really complicated. Can anyone explain in an easy 123 steps on what to do or does one really have to be a computer nerd to be able to understand it all and edit the html knowing what all the letters are numbers are all about!!


Magnum said…
Hello Bunty!!

I think I can help you.Go to the blog design and change the template, I use the stretch denim, it may suit you too. Then you can tweak the blog color combination.
No need to do write any html code.
There is a new blog gadget you may like too, the pages gadget, it lets place some sticky pages on top of your blog, like "about me", or whatever you want, up to 10 pages. Good luck with your blog tweaking!
All the best,
michael b said…
Blogger offers different templates in addition to the one you are using. Go to your dashboard page and click on "Layout", then "Pick a new Template". After you've chosen and saved, you whole blog will change. You can change the layout as often as you like, so if you don't like it, you can put it back.
I once used the format you are using, but now I use:
Bunty said…
Thanks guys. I know I can change the template but I like the layout of this one and people know it even though I have changed the colour! I want to keep it simple too. Think I will drop in on a computer friend of mine and ask him to do it for me. Thanks Magnum re the 'sticky pages' - will study it and see if I can actually do that!! My computer knowledge is pure trial and error and a load of useful tips from people like you!!
PeconicPuffin said…
I like the new blue. The pink was...challenging!
Bunty said…
I cannot really understand why I chose the pink in the first place! Ugh!!
michael b said…
Thanks for the video of your Drascombe Coaster!
Quite the capable cruiser, I've heard. Nice song, too!
If you want a custom blog, you'll have to learn some code. I like your blog the way it is.

Joe said…
I found the template that you are using, "Thisaway." When I have time, I will adjust the code so you can have your content on the side rather than centered.