The Best Way to Run a Marathon

Above are a couple of friends of mine - Mark is a keen windsurfer and yachtsman besides doing alot of other sporting activities and his wife Debbie is also a very good basketball player.
They had the sweetest little boy last year and it's great to see that not only has the baby NOT held them back but is now part of their sporting activities.
This weekend the Malta Marathon was held and I nicked this pic of them participating. I don't know who took it but once I find out I will credit the photographer on this post.
What a brilliant way to do the marathon............though my first choice would definitely be the one sitting in the buggy!!


Mo's Spot said…
Did you hear about the lead car going the wrong way?!----I like your new blog colouring.
Bunty said…
Yes, the runners that stopped cos of it were a bit idiotic and should have just carried on behind the car like everyone else did! Another one for ''Only in''!
Mo's Spot said…
I don't think many of the templates let you widen the area. I am using Minima Stretch because I think it allows more scope for the paintings.