My Windsurfing Seems to be Up the Spout!

Am I becoming like this??

Is it me, my age or are the conditions really as bad as I think they are! I missed quite a bit of wind in January cos I was sick for most of the month but we have had quite a bit of wind since then and I have only been out on the water once. Either the wind direction is rotten, or it is too squally with gale force winds one minute and nothing the next, or I can't go down cos of some commitment. Or am I making excuses cos it is cold and miserable outside??

YET I am just dying to get out on the water!

Confused!! Oh dear 'confused' that really is old age!!


meachen said…
I m afraid u r getting old... I ve been down 12 times windsurfing, 9times kitesurfing and 1 time surfing from 47 days this year. I m keeping records !
Bunty said…
OK Tom I got the message! No need to rub it in. Imma remember you are as old as my daughter which makes you 25 years younger than me. I will comment when you are my age (IF you are still surfing at my age that is!!) and I would like to see what you would be like at my age after having 3 kids - for that matter it would be quite interesting to see you HAVE a kid in the first place - that would be a first for mankind.......ha ha!
Bunty said…
..............IF you call swimming in and drifting windsurfing!!
Mo's Spot said…
-----Re: Link-within , if you click on the title label at the foot of the little pictures it will take you straight to their website. After that it is very straightforward.Really my knowledge is still very basic!! e,g. I am still having a block about embedding codes etc. Also the link you sent isn't highlighted- how do I copy it?
As for getting old-----Never! Don't even think about it!
Mo's Spot said…
Just to say your LinkWithin feature is looking good! -----Saw the video you Emailed,-really fascinating!