Malta 49'ER Team Training for Olympics

Benji Borg (foreground) and Sebastian Ripard (behind)

All part of the training!
Sebastian Ripard and Benji Borg have teamed up to try and make it to the Olympics. They have set themselves a difficult task since there is no 49er class here in Malta, so to participate in any 49er class competition they are going to have to travel abroad alot which is going to be very costly.
Meanwhile they are doing whatever training they can here and as part of that training they are going to try and break the record sailing around Malta. Right now the J class yacht Strait Dealer holds the record at 4hrs 50 mins. The total mileage round Malta is 53 miles. This will take place sometime in March and all proceeds will be donated to charity.
To read up a bit more about the lads and what they are doing go onto this link.