Let's Go Back In Time

Anton's first Tencate

How many can you get onto a windsurfer?

Sailing my home made board - I used to LOOOOVE that board

Anton on the first Sailboard Fun - think it was around 365cm long!!

The infamous 'Pig' - first home made board

Racing days - note no harnesses!

My Fanatic Mamba - loved that board too

That wetsuit was sooo cooool. It was a thin summer suit from Sailboard Fasionwear which Emma Stehle gave to me. Emma, a champion and team rider for the Sailboard Class, had come out to Malta to race. There was ALOT of racing going on in those days out here.


Howard said…
HI - I loved those Fanatic ultra series boards too. Always wanted a mosquito ! How is thw wind out there and what are the temps like ?
Howard said…
PS - you asked me ages ago which site I found you on ...and I couldn't find it. But I just noticed its Magnum at Ferrol surfer (based out og Gailicia).
Bunty said…
Hi Howard. Thanks for letting me know how you found my site - I like to know just out of interest, it's quite amazing sometimes the ways people find you!
As for the Fanatic Ultra series.........they were a terrific range of boards. Fanatic still are and are probably my first choice of board still.
We have had alot of wind this winter - usually extreme - gale force or nothing! But quite a bit of it. We have basically had no winter, around 2 or 3 weeks of quite cold (for us!) weather with a couple of days going down to 11C but I would say the average for the past two months has been closer to 20C than the other way and the past few days have been beautiful days and temps should go up to early 20's this weekend.
Hope you are managing to get some on the water or is it too cold?
The World Tour said…
wow petty old pictures remind me of the 80s when i started windsurfing...