Is It Really New or Has It Been Done Before?

Picture taken from Dailydose

It's so odd how something hits the sporting news or is made a big success because it has the right financial backing (maybe that is not so odd!).
I was just catching up on some blog news on Windgirls when I came across this entry about wavesailing on an SUP with no straps. There was a link to which shows Juergen Schall doing exactly the same thing some 13 or so years ago!
That made me think about the infamous crossover days when everybody was chopping the ends off their 'Tencates' and making small dagger boards and sticking dozens of fins on the back etc etc. So many home-made jobs (I remember my husband making a 'funboard' from scratch in our hallway!!) and so many things have been ''tried before'' but seemed to be just another phase of the development. And now they are highly successful cos pictures are being shown with top team riders doing it!
I really need to get out some of our really old pics and put them up on the blog! It's great fun looking back.


PeconicPuffin said…
Old windsurfing photos are fun...I use them regularly on my blog as art. The gear was so colorful back in the day!