Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ubelievably High Temperatures Today

The weather today is amazingly warm - last day of Feb and loads of people are on the beach sunbathing, swimming, picnicking as though it was April. Have just come up from a walk along the beach and the temperature must be around 25C.

Wind is looking good so far for this week. Hopefully there will be plenty of possibility for it to be strong enough to get out on the water.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lovely Day Windsurfing Today

I had a really good time today on the water. It was very West so Ghallis was pretty flat, just lumpy, but the sun was out, it was warm, the sea was warm, quite a few of us were down and I enjoyed myself!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

''Next Blog''

Does anyone actually press that little button at the top of the Blogger page that says ''Next Blog''? I have only done it once or twice, except for now when I pressed it about 20 times not really believing what peculiar stuff people actually wrote about (ok I suppose they say the same about me) - but the surprising thing is that out of around 20 over half were all about people's babies!! Well, I suppose they are up for those family and friends who live far away. It is a way of keeping in touch. Nevertheless it did surprise me.

I'm rambling!

Let's Go Back In Time

Anton's first Tencate

How many can you get onto a windsurfer?

Sailing my home made board - I used to LOOOOVE that board

Anton on the first Sailboard Fun - think it was around 365cm long!!

The infamous 'Pig' - first home made board

Racing days - note no harnesses!

My Fanatic Mamba - loved that board too

That wetsuit was sooo cooool. It was a thin summer suit from Sailboard Fasionwear which Emma Stehle gave to me. Emma, a champion and team rider for the Sailboard Class, had come out to Malta to race. There was ALOT of racing going on in those days out here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is It Really New or Has It Been Done Before?

Picture taken from Dailydose

It's so odd how something hits the sporting news or is made a big success because it has the right financial backing (maybe that is not so odd!).
I was just catching up on some blog news on Windgirls when I came across this entry about wavesailing on an SUP with no straps. There was a link to which shows Juergen Schall doing exactly the same thing some 13 or so years ago!
That made me think about the infamous crossover days when everybody was chopping the ends off their 'Tencates' and making small dagger boards and sticking dozens of fins on the back etc etc. So many home-made jobs (I remember my husband making a 'funboard' from scratch in our hallway!!) and so many things have been ''tried before'' but seemed to be just another phase of the development. And now they are highly successful cos pictures are being shown with top team riders doing it!
I really need to get out some of our really old pics and put them up on the blog! It's great fun looking back.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Rolex Middle Sea Race 2010 - The Race is On............Already!

'Seawolf of Southampton' before the start Pic: Bunty

'Seawolf of Southampton' just after the start sailing out to the breakwater Pic: Bunty

'Seawolf of Southampton' starting to leave the Grand Harbour Pic: Bunty

'Seawolf of Southampton' on it's final leg through the Comino/Gozo Channel Pic: Bunty

The 2010 Rolex Middle Sea Race may be around 8 months away still, but for competing teams race preparations and campaigns are already on.
One such campaign is coming from 3 Pronavia38 yacht crews :

Sailing for the 3rd time in a row is 'Seawolf of Southampton' of Atlantic Yacht Charters. They finished a very credible 13th overall out of 69 starters in 2009.

Tom Frame from Charterhaus Yacht Charter is based in the Solent, UK and will be entering his yacht 'Bongani'.

Together with the above two yachts will be a 3rd Pronavia38, 'Tangaroa' skippered by Geoff Poore.

Not only will they be battling it out for front line overall placing, but they will also be competing between themselves to see which of them will be the first team to cross the line.

The RMSR course is run along a spectacular 606 mile course starting from the stunning Grand Harbour in Malta up to Sicily and thru the notorious Messina Straits, around the erupting beauty of Stromboli. From there the course takes you toward the Western part of Sicily then south toward Pantalleria, around Lampedusa then the last leg back to the Grand Harbour via the channel between Malta and Comino/Gozo.

The above sailing teams still have some places left for anyone who is interested in competing in this prestigious race. By competing in this race one can boast they have raced against some of the top and most well known sailors in the world. Past competitors have been Torben Grael, Neville Crichton amongst many others and well known boats such as Alfa Romeo, Loki, Alegre, Rosebud, Luna Rossa..................the list goes on! The RMSR is now considered to be in the ranks of the Fastnet Race, Sydney-Hobart and such like races.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Windsurfing Seems to be Up the Spout!

Am I becoming like this??

Is it me, my age or are the conditions really as bad as I think they are! I missed quite a bit of wind in January cos I was sick for most of the month but we have had quite a bit of wind since then and I have only been out on the water once. Either the wind direction is rotten, or it is too squally with gale force winds one minute and nothing the next, or I can't go down cos of some commitment. Or am I making excuses cos it is cold and miserable outside??

YET I am just dying to get out on the water!

Confused!! Oh dear 'confused' that really is old age!!

Neil Pryde Oldest Sail Competition Result

Neil Pryde announced last December they were holding a competition for the oldest Neil Pryde sail - swop your old Pryde for some new gear if you were the winner. Anniversary celebration.
I was thinking of sending a pic cos I am sure we have something if we dug deep enough but never got down to it! Anyway, the winner has been announced and you can see a whole load of pics etc on their site - it really is quite interesting. You can still send pics in cos I think they are building up some sort of archive. Have a look on their site.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gozo Listed No.13 on World's Best Island Retreats

Gozo has been listed as No. 13 on the World's Best Island Retreats. You can read the short report on this site.

America's Cup Challenge

Well that wasn't a very good start! The challenge between Alinghi and Oracle yesterday had to be postponed due to no wind and they hope to race tomorrow. Not really sure what to think about all this controversy. Part of me thinks it should have been left as the more traditional monohull, another part of me says well one has to look ahead to the future and advances in the sport. Then another part of me thinks that all the bickering, court cases etc etc is just what the sport does not need.
There are many different parts to me!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Some of Todays Action or Maybe Not so Much Action!


Tommy's new surf mobile!

Anton and Tommy

Austin and Dana

Some of the lads



Dana and John had a good 10 minute blast as the squall came over while they were out


Dana trying his back loops

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Some Pics I Took of Kiting Yesterday







Monday, February 01, 2010

Team Rider Philip Koster wins the National "Surfer of the year" Award

Team Rider Philip Koster wins the National "Surfer of the year" Award

Malta 49'ER Team Training for Olympics

Benji Borg (foreground) and Sebastian Ripard (behind)

All part of the training!
Sebastian Ripard and Benji Borg have teamed up to try and make it to the Olympics. They have set themselves a difficult task since there is no 49er class here in Malta, so to participate in any 49er class competition they are going to have to travel abroad alot which is going to be very costly.
Meanwhile they are doing whatever training they can here and as part of that training they are going to try and break the record sailing around Malta. Right now the J class yacht Strait Dealer holds the record at 4hrs 50 mins. The total mileage round Malta is 53 miles. This will take place sometime in March and all proceeds will be donated to charity.
To read up a bit more about the lads and what they are doing go onto this link.

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