How Idiotic can some People be??

The entrance to San Francisco bay is pretty well known for its dangerous currents, rip tides and conditions in general. You can do just about anything there from a relaxing canoe ride to some epic strong wind sailing/windsurfing - whatever. They even have great waves for surfing..............then you get the 'tra la la what a lovely day for sailing' yachtie who suddenly finds himself in not such a 'tra la la' situation!! Surely the cardinal rule before you go out sailing is check the weather forecast and know what you are up against in the area you are sailing in - like checking local knowledge, charts etc etc. Unbelievable the fixes people get themselves into - but having said that I know the risks some people take out here whether it is under motor power or sail power. The human race.............what a bunch of loonies!! (No offence meant to anyone here - oops!)


Joe said…
The thing is, you can see the waves breaking from the rear. Why anyone would sail under the south tower is a mystery to me. We do have a lot of people who have little experience on the bay or for that matter the ocean. (Most people who live in the Bay Area came from somewhere else.) I have been on or in the water since I was a toddler, the sea must be respected. Whatever happened to common sense?
Bunty said…
Unfortunately some people don't seem to have common sense and they certainly do not realise how quickly things can wrong on a boat. Yes....that's what I ALWAYS say ''You have to respect the sea''!