Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Special Offer on Gozo Farmhouse Accommodation

Gozo Farmhouse Rentals has a special offer in their San Pupulju farmhouse in Gozo between the 21st and 30th June 2009. Offer valid for a minimum of 4 nights between 2 and 7 persons.

Please contact me through and quote Bunts Blog to benefit from this offer.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Kiting Movie Up

John has a new kiting movie up on his blog

Does My Cat Have a Secret Life?

''I should have worn the wetsuit after all!'' (Pic taken off

This one even likes the salty wetsuit taste! (Pic taken off thornsinmybeatingheart - photobucket)

This morning, as I cuddled my forever squashable cat, I suddenly became aware of that very familiar wetsuit rubber smell. It was coming from the cat's fur coat! In an absurd split second (you know the ones where a whole scene or movie takes place in your imagination and it all it takes is a couple of seconds at the very most!) I wondered if our cat was leading a double life. Sneaking out in the dead of the night to pursue his secret passion of surfing (though last night with no wind and the sea like a mill pond it must have been SUP'ing) - no wonder he slept all day long...............he was totally out after a brilliant session on the water! Our cat has been leading a double life and we never knew until now!!

OK the split second is over and it is back to reality. Then the realisation of WHY he was reeking of wetsuits....................he spent the whole night curled up fast asleep on my wetsuit which is lying in a heap by the front door.

Why do I have such a vivid imagination??

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kiting Shots from Malta

Rider John Pic: Bunty

Rider John Pic: Bunty

Rider Godfrey Pic: Bunty

Quick quick quick..............before I rush to get the ferry! Just wanted to get something up on the blog cos won't have the chance this weekend. Yesterday got wet but very frustrating cos some nice small waves but wind lousy. Looked windy but wasn't, but great for the kiters so got into the water with the Sanyo and took some shots and footage. Have enough to make a movie so hope to get that up during the week sometime.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Winter 09 Nayra Alonso

Looks like Nayra had a great winter!

Back to Blogging with a vengeance

The past few weeks have been difficult for me to blog on a regular basis (if any at all) and it is amazing how quickly the number of blog views goes down when you haven't been actively at it.

Hopefully things are more or less back to normal and with a bit of luck some wind will be on the way too (actually haven't missed much this past month or so in the way of wind), so I hope the wind gods are reading this and will take action!

Stunningly Beautiful Skye

Loch na Leachd from Sgurr na Stri (if you can fathom that one out!)

The stunning scene above was sent to me by an old school friend living on the Isle of Skye. I keep receiving these fabulous photographs which make me so jealous that I want to grab my walking shoes and camera and jump on the next plane out there. Hopefully one day I will actually do it! Meanwhile I have to be satisfied with turning a deeper shade of green each time an email with attachments comes in from Skye!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Notte Gozitana - Gozo 2009

Once again this year the NOTTE GOZITANA is being held in Gozo over the weekend of the 22nd/23rd and 24th of May. The first edition of this was held two years ago which was a great success. Unfortunately last year the set up of it was changed and instead of being concentrated in the heart of Victoria it was spread out all over the island thus giving the feeling that nothing much was really going on. I am happy to see that this year they are, once again, concentrating on holding it within the main part of Victoria itself.
Below is the programme for the weekend:
MAJOR exhibitions will be open to the public at the Ministry for Gozo, the Banca Giuratale Foyer, the Citidella Centre for Culture & Arts and the Gozo Curia.
SPECTACULAR YADA dance show celebrating the company's 25th anniversary in St. Francis Square, Victoria.
RETRO & ROCK Festival at he Victoria Bus Terminus, with the participation of a U2 Tribute band.
CANDLELIGHT experience will bring Victoria and the Citadel's narrow streets to life.
ART & WINE Festival organized by the rotary Club, Gozo at the Gozo Citadel all throughout the 3 days.
MINI musical show for children by the Gozo College at St. Francis Square, Victoria.
THEMATIC tours round Victoria & Gozo leaving either on foot or by minibus from the victoria bus terminus.
LUNCHTIME concerts in various chapels around Victoria and in the Citadel.
PARADES including historical re-enactments & various folk shows
INFIORATA the spectacular flower carpet on Castle Hill, Victoria.
CHILDREN'S market with various hands-on and educational activities.
IT-TOKK STAGE (Independence Sq) featuring top artists including Mike Spiteri & the Fakawi Bank, the Moonlighters from Italy, Mark Spiteri Lucas and variouis Gozitan singers.
PUTIRJAL STAGE (Victoris bus terminus) hosting a dance festival with live acts, top DJ's & other attractions organized by Dynamic Promotions.
IT-TIGRIJA STAGE (Republic Street) feagturing JAnvil, domenic Galea and popular TV personalities.
GRAND FASHION SHOW organised by The Duke Shopping Mall in Lower Republic Street.
THE MANDERAGGIO EXPERIENCE animating the narrow streets & alleys of Victoria.
MIDNIGHT GIGGIFOGU SPECTACULAR ground fireworks at St. Augustine's Square.
CHILLOUT AFTER MIDNIGHT in St. George's Square featuring Paul Giordimaina & Pamela, Renzo Spiteri and Rhema with William mangion.
GOZO choirs marathon participating in hourly Holy Mass in various churches in Victoria.
GRAND Sunday Parade along Republic Street, Victoria, featuring Italian Sbandieratori, dance groups & other attractions.
VARIOUS re-enactments and a folk show at the Gozo Citadel.
TRADITIONAL Kwaranturi procession from the Gozo Cathedral church along the main streets of Victoria.
A nicely packed weekend!

Aaron Ciantar wins P1 Grand Prix Malta 2009

An ecstatic Aaron Ciantar won before the home crowd in the powerboats SuperSport endurance race this afternoon. Ciantar piloted the Ukrainian-owned Seagull Chaudron with Angelo Tedeschi and Viktor Shemchuk.
The 2008 champion was overjoyed as he climbed to the top of the podium in Grand Harbour to receive the winner's trophy from President George Abela amid applause. President Abela celebrated the moment by putting on Ciantar's cap, but had to quickly take it off again as the Maltese national anthem was played.
And there was more good news for Malta with Iko casa, crewed by Shelley Jory and Aaron's sister Audrienne coming in third.
The siblings were also congratulated by Parliamentary Secretaries Mario de Marco and Clyde Puli who handed out medals to the winners.
The race was held on a calm sea off Sliema and was watched by thousands of people.
The Team 26 boat was the first to actually pass the chequered flag, but it suffered a time penalty for over speeding and was relegated to sixth. (SuperSport boats have a speed limit of 85mph)
Second place went to Baia Attolini.
"We are very pleased to have won. The potential of the new boat was apparent from the beginning and we expect to be competitive for the rest of the season," Aaron said.
His beaming sister said she was very happy to have made the podium on her return - with a new partner. Audrienne did not participate in last year's championship and is this year piloting the boat with which Aaron won the championship last year.
The race among the more powerful Evolution class boats was won by Hannes Bohinc and Giancarlo Cangiano in SNAV OSG.
The above article and picture were taken from today's Times of Malta (

Saturday, May 09, 2009

P1 Power Boat Grand Prix Malta 2009

Went to see the P1 Grand Prix time trials in the Grand Harbour yesterday afternoon. Such a spectacular sight within our beautiful historic Grand Harbour! Unique!
Daniel is using his boat for rescue and John is martialling on it. Unfortunately there was an incident with the Metamarine boat (pic above I took about a couple of hours before the incident) when it became unstable and turned 360 degrees and had a collision with the smaller arm of the breakwater. The pilots were knocked unconscious and the boat was slowly going towards Daniels boat which was on rescue. Fortunately one of the pilots came round and punched his hand thru the overhead cabin cover and the rescuers and medical team were able to handle the situation quickly.
The article below is from
During today's official testing session ahead of the Powerboat P1's World Championship season opening round in Malta, involving team Metamarine Pignolo 53 occurred, resulting in both team's pilots being taken to hospital where they remain in a comfortable and stable physical condition. Pilots Massimiliano 'Max' Ferrari and Marco Pennesi were completing their testing session in preparation for the day's qualifying PowerPole session, when their diesel engined Metamarine hull appeared to rock from side to side. As they turned starboard outside of the harbour wall, for reasons currently unclear, the hull rolled 360 degrees before making slight impact with the break-water. Powerboat P1's safety crews rushed to the scene within seconds and pulled both pilots to safety immediately. Asif Rangoonwala, Powerboat P1's Chairman and CEO said 'Unfortunately, during a world class sporting championship such as this, where high speeds combine with the unpredicatble nature of the sea, accidents can happen. However, I would like to commend the safety operation of the medical and rescue teams whose expert handling of the situation resulted in both pilots being safely brought to shore within moments of the incident. I have spoken with the hospital and both Marco and Max who are in good spirits, with Marco more interested in the outcome of the PowerPole session than the extent of his injuries.'
Hopefully there won't be any more accidents today and tomorrow and all will be safe!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Gert Skydiving for Cancer Research

Gert is one of our avid windsurfers here in Malta - though he now works in cancer research in England. Nevertheless, if there is a good forecast here at home over a weekend he will do his best to fly out for a few days to catch the wind!
Last year there was a very big breakthrough in cancer research dealing with prostate cancer. This made World headline news and ofcourse big news here in Malta since it was one of our own home grown boys on the team! I also did blog about it here on my blog back in August or September some time I think.
In order to raise funds towards this type of research Gert is going to be doing a Skydive which will be financed totally out of his own pocket. All donations he receives will go straight to research.
You can read more about it on this link - it is an interesting read.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

P1 Grand Prix in Malta This Weekend 8th/9th/10th May 2009

The P1 Grand Prix takes place here in Malta this weekend - 8th to 10th of May.
Our very own home grown Aaron Ciantar (who has done extremely well over the past few years racing on Maltese boat constructor Chaudron ) will be racing for a Ukranian backed team also using Chaudron.
If interested you can go down to Lascaris Wharf where the boats can be seen in the dry pits and you may also get the opportunity to chat to some of the pilots and team members.
There should be a very nice atmosphere - especially so with the fantastic backdrop of the Grand Harbour - one of the most attractive and historic harbours in the World.


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