Some More Wednesday Action

Tommy a long struggle and swim in after losing the top end of his sail

A nice scene shot of the point of Ghallis with Dana going for a back loop

Johnny Boy getting some high airtime

Keith getting some air

Tommy really going for it on Wednesday (before he lost the top end of his sail!)
All pics thanks to Sean Arrigo - Thanks Sean!


Joe said…
Howard said…
Hi Great site,
found the link on Ferrol Windsurfer and will follow this one, partiucularly as we may be keen to rent your farmhouse. What is wind like in winter and is it still warm. We are suffering from too much wind here in North Devon and want to get away at some point. Please check out my blog at Fisher Viking (simply search in Google)
Many thanks and keep sailing
Bunty said…
Thanks for joining Howard. Our wind comes with the fronts so one just has to keep an eye open on the wind forecasts. Most reliable are Windfinder and Ugrib (which is my first preference). Jan and Feb are the coldest months with water temp at its lowest around 15C and air temp more or less average around there too. Renting kit is not easy here, the best place is the Adira Sailing Centre which is down under Malta & Gozo Sail sites on the right hand side of my blog page, but they are not usually open in winter so you would have to contact them beforehand and arrange rental - warning it is not very up to date stuff though.
Our farmhouses are on the other island of Gozo and there is absolutely no rental there and is not the easiest of places to surf either - depends on wind direction ofcourse. Unlike you in Devon we have plenty of rock coast and very little sand and our main windsurfing location is pure sharp gnarly rocks!! Oh dear hope I have not put you off! We get some really good conditions here but Devon definitely has much better with loads of nice waves and cross shore conditions. Which we had a bit more of that but cannot complain cos we have a good life out here.............just wish the wind was a bit more consistent!