Some Euromed Shots

Busy race office : click on pics to get full view

Above are some pics taken today showing various activity on and off the water. Today was the first race day of the Euromed 2009. There are around 75 entrants hailing from various countries, amongst them are Sweden, Russia, France, Italy, Great Britain and ofcourse Malta. There may be some participants from other countries but the above are the ones I know are taking part (unfortunately have not had much time to get certain info today).
Besides the Optimist open class there is a Junior class and also a Laser class which is bigger than usual this year. The local Radial Laser sailors may be joining the fleet over the weekend.

I hope to put up some more pics and some results later on this weekend.
Also hope to get some better shots of the actual racing cos I was a bit far away today.


Joe said…
Excellent! Do you have any more photos? I'm stealing a couple for my sailing photo of the day. (of course there will be a link back) Stay warm. ;)
Bunty said…
Unfortunately did not manage to get much this year cos was busy and out most of the time and they were back in out of the water whenever I got back home.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this update my son is sailing for the first time in Euromed unfortunitly I am away on work and can't be there so your site is great cos itls keeps me posted. If you manage to get a pic of him he is on an opti no. 66 :)

Many thanks

Bunty said…
Nicky - go onto Euromed 2010 label. I will be uploading some pictures now. This entry is 2009.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Bunty