Yacht Sailors being held in Iran

Images taken off the Daily Mail website www.dailymail.co.uk
A crew of 5 yachtsmen, who were delivering the Volvo 60 yacht 'King of Bahrain' from Bahrain to Dubai for an international yacht race from Dubai to Muscat, were captured by an Iranian naval vessel after they, unfortunately, strayed into Iranian waters. The Daily Mail says they were blown 500 yards into Iranian waters by strong winds after their propellor was damaged. I have heard another report on TV that they drifted into Iranian waters after they lost their propellor in very light wind - so not really sure of the exact situation as to what really happened.
Sky News mentioned this morning something about them having to avoid a zone of some sort to do with oil rigs etc. I don't really think anybody knows the real reason why they ended up so close to Iranian water and that most of it is speculation.
Well, let us just hope and pray that there is a happy outcome for all involved.