Most of the Boats Will Be Home Today

Nisida coming into the Comino Channel earlier today.


Kerisma came into the Channel just after Nisida

BOV Kerisma.
I took these photos earlier today around mid-day.
More boats coming thru the Channel - will go up again soon and try and catch someone else coming thru.


Fred said…
Just found you via the Tillerman (who else...!)
Thanks from a sailor, converted to a windsurfer and back to be a sailor (Moth) for bringing these nice shots and interesting information. Always fancied to visit Malta, also due to a very old outstanding invitation from one of the IYRU members there (Do not have name on hand) Also many years ago owned and sailed a H-Boat, named "Knight of Malta". (A little sponsorship included) A man from Finland had the idea to built these boats in Malta but I think the idea just did not come through.
Smooth sailing
_/) _/)
Bunty said…
Let me know who! Yes the H boats were built here by Ripard. At one time they were using them for match racing but not quite sure if they still are.They are still scattered around the place being used.