Got Wet at Last!

FINALLY went surfing yesterday. Blasting in the bay which was nice just to remember what it feels like to go windsurfing after a long lapse of no wind.

Tried out my new boom mount for the GoPro camera and quite pleased with the vision one gets from placing it at the back of the boom. My camera is one of the original ones so it doesn't have the wide angle, but I am happy with it. You have to put camera on video mode and just leave it on otherwise you have to keep fiddling about with it every few minutes. I imagine with the wide angle you can clip the camera to within arms length on the boom so you can switch on and off when you like.

The footage I got is pretty boring sailing but I will edit a very small clip from it and put it up just to see it.


PeconicPuffin said…
As long as you're sailing, it's good!