2009 Rolex Middle Sea Race - Malta

Not even 24 hours into the race and the big boats have already rounded Stromboli. Infact it took them just 18 and a half hours to get there.

So far I think the boat that is impressing me the most is Strait Dealer . After the batch of big boats Dealer is right up front leading the next lot of the pack (and first Maltese boat through) together with Nadejda. The strong wind always seems to suit Dealer - a J125 and was winner of the RMSR back in 2001 with Christian Ripard as skipper.

The strong westerly winds blew through the night, but as they get through the Straits and get round Stromboli and start the leg North of Sicily the wind will be moderating and getting a bit lighter (which will probably not suit Strait Dealer). Once the leading boats get round the Western tip of Sicily later today they will probably be hitting another lot of strong wind as the strong North Westerly blows itself through the channel between Tunisia and Sicily today.

Looking at the tracker on the RMSR website, it looks like there have been a couple of retirements. Kuka was a non starter after she got dismasted by a water spout during the coastal race earlier this week. It also looks like Wizsoft has pulled in at Capopassero. Apepazza seems to be pulled in further up the coast.

Meanwhile, we're in for a nice windy day which means some time on the water windsurfing!