Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Not so Exciting but Fun Pics from Last Weekend

Whenever there is a strong wind 'old faces' always turn up which is great fun! This is Franco who has been windsurfing from the early days.

Robert was hitting some pretty fast speeds!

Bobby - no hands! And for those of you who are wondering whether this shot was taken before he fell in.............no he did a perfect gybe!

I just love the expression on Bobby's face

'Big man Bobby' himself!

????? Who's that?????

All the shots of me are gybing!? Obviously nothing more exciting to take!

A little bit overpowered it seems

Great to be sailing with Chrissy again

Tommy - bit of a wipe-out

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dana and John at Ghallis This Morning

Rider: John Photo: Bunty

Rider: John Photo: Bunty

Rider: John Photo:Bunty

Rider: Dana Photo: Bunty

Rider: Dana Photo: Bunty

Rider: Dana Photo: Bunty

Ghallis looked really good today - (I stayed ashore and took some pics cos shore break to get out again too big for little old me! So went down in Mellieha in the afternoon for a short while - overpowered with 4.5M).
Dana was riding the waves really well and John wasn't doing a bad job either. Was great to watch and take some good pics. Check out Johns blog for some more pics.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Steady Wind at Last

At last had a nice steady Westerly wind this afternoon. Was sailing comfortably on a 4.5m same as the guys! But then it really got up and I couldn't handle the sail anymore - Josef changed down to a 4m and Tommy came and tightened up for a last run out before the rain hit us. We sailed in Mellieha but tomorrow it should be good for Ghallis and some waves.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Global Yacht Racing Heading for Finish

Global Yacht Racing coming into the Comino Channel trying to make the most of a dying South - South Westerly wind

Wherever you are in Malta you are not far from some historical landmark. In the background is the Comino Tower with the old isolation hospital next to it.
The Tower has been renovated - it was used a few years ago during the filming of 'The Count of Monte Christo'.

Seawolf of Southampton Through Comino Channel

Seawolf of Southampton coming into the Comino Channel

Seawolf of Southampton

Maltese boat Aziza as they were coming through the Comino Channel

Most of the Boats Will Be Home Today

Nisida coming into the Comino Channel earlier today.


Kerisma came into the Channel just after Nisida

BOV Kerisma.
I took these photos earlier today around mid-day.
More boats coming thru the Channel - will go up again soon and try and catch someone else coming thru.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

'Alegre' - photo taken from the Rolex Middle Sea Race website
In all probability Alegre will be the overall winner of the 2009 RMSR.
The strong wind and squalls the boats had the first couple of days racing has now all fizzled away and it has been a long and slow slog back home for the smaller boats in the fleet.
Just a few boats crossed the finishing line today and tonight should see a group of them crossing the line with a fairly constant trickle of boats coming in after that throughout tomorrow.
Click here RMSR to catch up on the latest news.

Monday, October 19, 2009

RMSR 2009 Big Boats thru the Comino Channel

Luna Rossa in the beautiful sunset approaching Malta and Gozo

Luna Rossa coming into the Comino channel with Gozo in the background

Alegre in the Comino channel - she is sooo fast!

Strait Dealer

Torben Grael's Luna Rossa

It has been a very fast and exciting race so far, and ICAP Leopard is just a few hours from crossing the finishing line. A real race against time to try and break the record...........but the wind has lightened up alot now around Malta so I think the chances have become very slim.

Strait Dealer has had a great race so far - our local lads should be proud of themselves, but if the wind lightens up from now on they will suffer and probably slip back.

There seem to have been quite a few retirements - have not heard why as yet.

If you want to read more about the race and see some fab professional pictures go onto the race website. You can also track the boats from there.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

2009 Rolex Middle Sea Race - Malta

Not even 24 hours into the race and the big boats have already rounded Stromboli. Infact it took them just 18 and a half hours to get there.

So far I think the boat that is impressing me the most is Strait Dealer . After the batch of big boats Dealer is right up front leading the next lot of the pack (and first Maltese boat through) together with Nadejda. The strong wind always seems to suit Dealer - a J125 and was winner of the RMSR back in 2001 with Christian Ripard as skipper.

The strong westerly winds blew through the night, but as they get through the Straits and get round Stromboli and start the leg North of Sicily the wind will be moderating and getting a bit lighter (which will probably not suit Strait Dealer). Once the leading boats get round the Western tip of Sicily later today they will probably be hitting another lot of strong wind as the strong North Westerly blows itself through the channel between Tunisia and Sicily today.

Looking at the tracker on the RMSR website, it looks like there have been a couple of retirements. Kuka was a non starter after she got dismasted by a water spout during the coastal race earlier this week. It also looks like Wizsoft has pulled in at Capopassero. Apepazza seems to be pulled in further up the coast.

Meanwhile, we're in for a nice windy day which means some time on the water windsurfing!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some RMSR Pics


Part of the fleet leaving the breakwater

Global Yacht Racing EHO1

Intermatica and Ericsson beating out of the harbour towards the breakwater

Geometry and Ristaker

Beau Geste

Rolex Middle Sea Race 2009,Malta yachting,Malta,yacht racing

Start of Rolex Middle Sea Race 2009

It was perfect weather for the start of the 2009 Rolex Middle Sea Race this morning. The first boats went off just over a couple of hours ago against the classic backdrop of Fort St. Angelo on one side and the Upper Barraka Gardens of Valletta on the other.

It was a bit difficult finding the perfect spot for taking photos cos I couldn't be in two places at the same time. Just before the start I got a few shots from water level by the old Customs House, then quickly trotted up and found the perfect ledge below the Great Siege Bell - infact the main media cameras were there too - perfect view of the yachts coming out infront of Bigi and out through the breakwater.
Rolex Middle Sea Race 2009,Valletta Harbour,Yachting,Malta yachting

Proof the Irish discovered Africa

This is hysterical! I LOVE the Irish though - great bunch of people.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

WE WERE INVADED BY PIRATES THIS MORNING.........................................................................

..........................CIC LIVED UP TO HIS ''MUCHO'' REPUTATION!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Got Wet

Well at least I got wet and got some very mediocre windsurfing in. Went down Monday afternoon very briefly in the Comino Channel with Chris and Tommy. Just a few runs though. Once I packed up I passed the 'slipway' and saw some guys out surfing so thought I would rig up again (at 5pm) and I had an enjoyable 45 minutes or so in gusty westerly conditions. At least I was windsurfing........I was determined to have some fun no matter what the conditions were like and I did! With the water so warm (still around 25C) it's great to be out . Ofcourse the wind blew like crazy during the night (as usual!) and was meant to filter out in the morning. Was busy in the morning but when I got back home and saw the wind still blowing thought I would try my luck anyway. Got to Ghallis asap had to rerig to bigger sail before even getting into the water - and also go for a higher volume board. Got in the water and someone turned the wind switch off! Did half a reach out and decided this is not a good idea unless I want a long swim back. I made the right decision. Good forecast for tomorrow as long as the rain doesn't kill the wind.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wind Yes or No?

Well the good forecast did not last very long, the peak seems to be Monday night now, though Tuesday morning looking good. Anyone going down early?

RMSR coastal race Wednesday at 10.00am - looks like a mixture of conditions.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Strong Wind Forecast for Tuesday

Rider: Tommy Pic: hey Tom did Keith take this pic? Location: Mellieha Bay
The forecast is looking good for Tuesday with 34 knots of North Westerlies blowing.
If I'm not mistaken the RMSR is having it's first coastal race on tuesday so that could be a tough one.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rolex Middle Sea Race 2009

Click on pic to enlarge. Pics taken by Bunty during the P1 World Powerboat Championships Malta leg - time trials in the harbour.
This year's Rolex Middle Sea Race is going to be one with a slight difference from previous years. For the first time in the history of the race the start line is going to be in the Grand Harbour instead of Marsamxett harbour.
The Royal Malta Yacht Club has, unfortunately, been moved from its previous historical location at Couvre Port to Ta'Xbiex - too far in to be able to have the starting line infront of the new yacht club. Inspite of this drawback, in my opinion, it has worked out to be for the best. The start line has now been transferred into the Grand Harbour from the Saluting Battery under the Upper Barrakka across (I think) to Fort St. Angelo. There could not be a more unique, beautiful and historic start line as this I am sure! The Grand Harbour in Valletta is one of the most beautiful natural deep water harbours in the world, an awesome site from wherever you look at it.
Once again the RMSR is attracting a large number of entries - the last I heard was close to 80 boats. The boats come from all over the world and also have a strong local participation too. The race has become so popular now that it is mentioned alongside the famous Fastnet and even Sydney-Hobart race. In the past there have been many well known world class sailors and I am sure we will be seeing more of them too. Having said all this the RMSR is not just for the 'creme de la creme' of ''yachties'' - the fleet is made up mostly of the keen amateur sailor, alot of whom can give the experienced professional or semi-professional sailors a run for their money!
I will probably be jostling for the best position on land to take some good pics which I will obviously be displaying on my blog and later will make another youtube slide show.
Meanwhile click here for more info on the

Saturday, October 03, 2009

HD: Super Slo-mo Surfer! - South Pacific - BBC Two

Got Wet at Last!

FINALLY went surfing yesterday. Blasting in the bay which was nice just to remember what it feels like to go windsurfing after a long lapse of no wind.

Tried out my new boom mount for the GoPro camera and quite pleased with the vision one gets from placing it at the back of the boom. My camera is one of the original ones so it doesn't have the wide angle, but I am happy with it. You have to put camera on video mode and just leave it on otherwise you have to keep fiddling about with it every few minutes. I imagine with the wide angle you can clip the camera to within arms length on the boom so you can switch on and off when you like.

The footage I got is pretty boring sailing but I will edit a very small clip from it and put it up just to see it.


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