GoPro Boom Mounting Arrived!

Nicked the above from someone elses blog (called Babble 'n Blog)

I have received the new casing and boom mount for my GoPro camera. The forecast is giving us some wind for tomorrow but the direction is a bit iffy. Hopefully it will be more south-easterly than south (as it is today) - if so I will be trying it out. Can't wait to windsurf and can't wait to try it out on my boom. Fingers and toes crossed for good wind and good wind direction tomorrow.


Mo's Spot said…
Hope you get JUST ENOUGH wind tomorrow! Re. my blog, you must admit that the other day gave a little taste of things to come. The way things are weather wise though I need to rise to a daily comment.You're quite right about today---(too much!!) I'm still mentally organising boots, hat etc. though.---Hope you have great fun with the new gear.
Mo's Spot said…
O.K.----I give in! I'm going to update my blog now!
Mo's Spot said…
Must admit I love to see the green coming too.---Joe aswell, -he misses the hills and dales of Yorkshire. Really bracing weather there!