Boredom, Sickness and the Need to Windsurf

Pics supplied by Oceansource El Tur

Boredom time as I sit here trying to recover from a mixture of lack of sleep and flu! Flu in the middle of the scorching summer heat makes you feel doubly worse. Though totally ''bla sahha'' (as we say in Maltese - meaning without strength) I am still yearning for a lovely force 6 surfing day. Unfortunately I missed a good day a couple of weeks back cos had to go up to Gozo minus equipment. Still went down to Qbajjar where the Gozo surfers were down and took a few shots of them out near the reef (pics at a later date when I can summon up the energy to find what memory card they on !). This is a place I really want to sail - getting out is a bit tough cos of the wind shadow further in but once out conditions look great. There is also an excellent position for photography as you are perched on the low cliff just above the reef. We really need to make an effort to go up there with our equipment when conditions are next suitable for it.

It has been a couple of years now since we had our last windsurfing holiday and have to admit I am really missing it. After our fantastic Far East hol last December (which was a totally unforgettable experience and think about it very very often) 2009 has had to be very much a ''stay at home'' year ..............but the brain is ticking over with windsurfing plans for next Spring. A place I am really keen to try is El Tur in Egypt. It is a dual location with a wave beach just a few minutes up the road and a flat water area in the main resort. You can read more about it on the link below.

Meanwhile, as I sit here nursing myself amidst trying to keep cool all I can do is go off into a windsurfing dreamland and look forward to the possibility of a future trip to discover some more distant waters!


PeconicPuffin said…
I feel for you, Bunty. If I go more than a week without windsurfing I'm unhappy...two weeks and I'm irritable!

Get better and get out there!
Mo's Spot said…
HORRIBLE! Hope you are feeling better now,---this august heat is so sapping!!