Using the Boat at Last!

Finally went out on the boat - Drascombe Coaster - late yesterday afternoon for the evening. We didn't sail but motored as very little wind, but we had a great time. Just pottered about in and out of bays enjoying the pure relaxation of it all. We then had a nice swim in the cove opposite St. Paul's Island and had our bit of supper in another little cove further inside Mellieha Bay. Peaceful, quiet and on the water! What more do you want?
Anton has organised a roller reefer on the light wind chute so that will be handy when we do some sailing.
You can view the short movie I made earlier in the year further down on the blog under the ''Sailing'' listing or else on Youtube


Joe Rouse said…
I love it! There is nothing more relaxing than sailing (motoring) a nice "stable" sailboat. The Drascombe is a great boat. NOLS uses them to teach sailing in the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California).
Mo's Spot said…
Sounds like bliss!