Saghtar.........Wild Thyme..............Thymus Serpyllum,L.

Wild Thyme is one of the prominent endemic plant species on the typically Maltese limestone landscape, known locally as Xaghri. It flowers in June and is at its prime mid June. When it is in full bloom the Xaghri almost looks fluorescent with the bright purple colour of the Wild Thyme. It is a sight I always love to see and enjoy driving by. Unfortunately, this lovely landscape is gradually being taken away from us with all the building that has taken place and is still taking place. The Maltese name for Wild Thyme is 'Saghtar' and the Latin name is 'Thymus Serpyllum, L''.
The smell of it is heaven when crushed between your fingers. It makes a very tasty seasoning when cooked with a roast - especially pork! Yummy!!


Mo's Spot said…
It's lovely! I think they have it growing in the Palazzo grounds.