P1 Power Boat Grand Prix Malta 2009

Went to see the P1 Grand Prix time trials in the Grand Harbour yesterday afternoon. Such a spectacular sight within our beautiful historic Grand Harbour! Unique!
Daniel is using his boat for rescue and John is martialling on it. Unfortunately there was an incident with the Metamarine boat (pic above I took about a couple of hours before the incident) when it became unstable and turned 360 degrees and had a collision with the smaller arm of the breakwater. The pilots were knocked unconscious and the boat was slowly going towards Daniels boat which was on rescue. Fortunately one of the pilots came round and punched his hand thru the overhead cabin cover and the rescuers and medical team were able to handle the situation quickly.
The article below is from Powerboat-World.com:
During today's official testing session ahead of the Powerboat P1's World Championship season opening round in Malta, involving team Metamarine Pignolo 53 occurred, resulting in both team's pilots being taken to hospital where they remain in a comfortable and stable physical condition. Pilots Massimiliano 'Max' Ferrari and Marco Pennesi were completing their testing session in preparation for the day's qualifying PowerPole session, when their diesel engined Metamarine hull appeared to rock from side to side. As they turned starboard outside of the harbour wall, for reasons currently unclear, the hull rolled 360 degrees before making slight impact with the break-water. Powerboat P1's safety crews rushed to the scene within seconds and pulled both pilots to safety immediately. Asif Rangoonwala, Powerboat P1's Chairman and CEO said 'Unfortunately, during a world class sporting championship such as this, where high speeds combine with the unpredicatble nature of the sea, accidents can happen. However, I would like to commend the safety operation of the medical and rescue teams whose expert handling of the situation resulted in both pilots being safely brought to shore within moments of the incident. I have spoken with the hospital and both Marco and Max who are in good spirits, with Marco more interested in the outcome of the PowerPole session than the extent of his injuries.'
Hopefully there won't be any more accidents today and tomorrow and all will be safe!


Mo's Spot said…
Well done Daniel and John!---Quite an experience!