Notte Gozitana - Gozo 2009

Once again this year the NOTTE GOZITANA is being held in Gozo over the weekend of the 22nd/23rd and 24th of May. The first edition of this was held two years ago which was a great success. Unfortunately last year the set up of it was changed and instead of being concentrated in the heart of Victoria it was spread out all over the island thus giving the feeling that nothing much was really going on. I am happy to see that this year they are, once again, concentrating on holding it within the main part of Victoria itself.
Below is the programme for the weekend:
MAJOR exhibitions will be open to the public at the Ministry for Gozo, the Banca Giuratale Foyer, the Citidella Centre for Culture & Arts and the Gozo Curia.
SPECTACULAR YADA dance show celebrating the company's 25th anniversary in St. Francis Square, Victoria.
RETRO & ROCK Festival at he Victoria Bus Terminus, with the participation of a U2 Tribute band.
CANDLELIGHT experience will bring Victoria and the Citadel's narrow streets to life.
ART & WINE Festival organized by the rotary Club, Gozo at the Gozo Citadel all throughout the 3 days.
MINI musical show for children by the Gozo College at St. Francis Square, Victoria.
THEMATIC tours round Victoria & Gozo leaving either on foot or by minibus from the victoria bus terminus.
LUNCHTIME concerts in various chapels around Victoria and in the Citadel.
PARADES including historical re-enactments & various folk shows
INFIORATA the spectacular flower carpet on Castle Hill, Victoria.
CHILDREN'S market with various hands-on and educational activities.
IT-TOKK STAGE (Independence Sq) featuring top artists including Mike Spiteri & the Fakawi Bank, the Moonlighters from Italy, Mark Spiteri Lucas and variouis Gozitan singers.
PUTIRJAL STAGE (Victoris bus terminus) hosting a dance festival with live acts, top DJ's & other attractions organized by Dynamic Promotions.
IT-TIGRIJA STAGE (Republic Street) feagturing JAnvil, domenic Galea and popular TV personalities.
GRAND FASHION SHOW organised by The Duke Shopping Mall in Lower Republic Street.
THE MANDERAGGIO EXPERIENCE animating the narrow streets & alleys of Victoria.
MIDNIGHT GIGGIFOGU SPECTACULAR ground fireworks at St. Augustine's Square.
CHILLOUT AFTER MIDNIGHT in St. George's Square featuring Paul Giordimaina & Pamela, Renzo Spiteri and Rhema with William mangion.
GOZO choirs marathon participating in hourly Holy Mass in various churches in Victoria.
GRAND Sunday Parade along Republic Street, Victoria, featuring Italian Sbandieratori, dance groups & other attractions.
VARIOUS re-enactments and a folk show at the Gozo Citadel.
TRADITIONAL Kwaranturi procession from the Gozo Cathedral church along the main streets of Victoria.
A nicely packed weekend!