Does My Cat Have a Secret Life?

''I should have worn the wetsuit after all!'' (Pic taken off

This one even likes the salty wetsuit taste! (Pic taken off thornsinmybeatingheart - photobucket)

This morning, as I cuddled my forever squashable cat, I suddenly became aware of that very familiar wetsuit rubber smell. It was coming from the cat's fur coat! In an absurd split second (you know the ones where a whole scene or movie takes place in your imagination and it all it takes is a couple of seconds at the very most!) I wondered if our cat was leading a double life. Sneaking out in the dead of the night to pursue his secret passion of surfing (though last night with no wind and the sea like a mill pond it must have been SUP'ing) - no wonder he slept all day long...............he was totally out after a brilliant session on the water! Our cat has been leading a double life and we never knew until now!!

OK the split second is over and it is back to reality. Then the realisation of WHY he was reeking of wetsuits....................he spent the whole night curled up fast asleep on my wetsuit which is lying in a heap by the front door.

Why do I have such a vivid imagination??


Rebecca Cachia said…
Haha!! Cic probably really does that.... Oh, I'm reading the book you'd given me: 'The Cat Who Went to Paris'. It's hilarious! The cat is exactly like Cic!
Bunty said…
I have to read that book again cos I had forgotten all about it.
Mo's Spot said…
Yes I like the cat story,--- are you sure he didn't go out?!
John's kiting video is impressive---you did the photography I see.
The Trees painting is new----came together very easily---a bit of inspiration I think:--it helps!