Winter Cup Marsala, Sicily 2009

Last week some of the Maltese Young Sailors went across to Marsala in Sicily to participate in the 2009 Winter Cup. Fleets were quite large with 35 participants in the Optimist Cadet Class and 83 participants in the Optimist Junior Class.
The results of our Maltese Young sailors were:
Optimist Cadet:
6th Thomas Bonello Ghio
7th Karl Miggiani
Optimist Junior:
5th Thomas Zammit Tabona
13th Edward Fleri Soler
51st Thomas Sammut Alessi
65th Nicola Manduca
68th Alexander Esposito
And if I have calculated it correctly Nicola came 18th in the Female class.
Once again our youngsters have come away leaving a good impression on the Italian/Sicilian young racers.


Joe said…
Go Malta! ;)