What a Great Week

Well we certainly can't complain this past week with wind every single day. Out of 6 days I have sailed 4. Didn't sail Saturday cos it was just sooo windy with all the guys over on 4m which means me on my 4m would be ridiculous. So I was official photographer for the day. Monday couldn't go down since my garage door was stuck and my equipment was inside!! Now how's that for sheer frustration!!

A variety of directions but today must have been the best day. Some really big swell outside the point and a typical good Ghallis day.

Yesterday we had a West South West so we sailed in the bay.............flat water blasting.

I am now pleasantly aching all over! What a lovely feeling!


Simon said…
Where are the photos!!?! :)
Bunty said…
Tini chance gbien! Between having fun and daily life haven't been able to sort stuff out yet!! Today another windy day but will be missing it...........full day in Gozo today with guests leaving and arriving from houses. X'taghmel?
Anonymous said…
Hi y name is roberto and I'll go to Malta today. unfortunately I cannot take my windsurfing stuff with me...is there a possibility to rent some stuff in Malta?
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