Allison Shreeve's Bass Strait Crossing in Very Tough Conditions

Allison Shreeve has just attempted the Bass Strait crossing - that is from Tasmania over to mainland Australia (Victoria). Conditions were extra tough with 30-35 knot winds and big swell. Unfortuntately she was not able to complete it but managed a very respectful 125km of the crossing which took a very tough 9 hours - quite a feat on the same tack in those conditions for that amount of time. She had to stop the challenge after getting severe cramps and the onset of hypothermia.

The object of the whole exercise was to raise funds for CoastCare which is a society which literally 'Cares for its Coast' in Australia. Various athletes have taken upon them fund raising in the form of covering a 100km of the Australian coastline with non motorised activity. Allison managed to achieve her goal as she managed to cover 125km.

You can see some video footage and a small article relating to this on this link:

Also you can read up about Coastcare on this link: