Tommy Feb 2009 360's

Tommy yesterday trying to get his 360's on film!


Sandro said…
Nice video! Didn't you have the gopro camera last year? If yes, what do you think about it, because I'm thinking of getting one. Been hearing about lots of wind in Malta, how was it? I bit the bullet and bought me a snowboard, but I'd rather windsurf!
Bunty said…
Hi Sandro - yes and I still have it. Bought a Sanyo waterproof video camera while in Singapore.Something I can get more zoom in for windsurfing but I have to be bobbing around in the water!! Impossible to use while surfing. So I use the GoPro while windsurfing. It is a great little thing and they have now improved on it. They now have a wide angle and it has an attachment which goes onto the boom. I wish I had it but not going to spend any more cash on more stuff for now so my home made strapping system will have to do for now.