Some Activity from Yesterday..................and a Short HIstory Lesson!

Seeing as I have been a bit lax lately with my blogging I am just posting some ''activity pics'' from yesterday afternoon's bit of sailing. I managed to get some good runs in before the wind started to die out.
The launch area in Mellieha Bay in a South Westerly to West is from what we call the 'Slipway'. Thus named cos this was our launch site when the sailing club was up and running in the heyday of olympic racing with an average 35-60 starters almost every weekend (big regattas the numbers ran close to a 100 at one time). We had a bridge for the race committee to operate from but no clubhouse (no thanks to our government!). Well, as olympic racing became unfashionable and the recreational part of windsurfing took over numbers started to dwindle and surfing in different locations (where there was a possibility of some waves) became priority. The rest is history!