Boards and Sails for Sale

Used boards for sale:

Mistral Syncro 82L Euro 280
Fanatic RIP 85L Euro 280
ON Wave 80L Euro 280

New Boards :

Fanatic New Wave 81L 2006 EUR 395 -

Fanatic New Wave 80L 2007 EUR 465

I am also selling my Fanatic All Wave 74L(which is in excellent condition - think it is 2008!) for Euro400

All boards are in excellent condition. Contact Anton on (00356) 484572 or (00356) 9947 0829.

If you live abroad contact Anton for a shipping price.

There are also some good deals going on Tushingham Sails.

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Joe said…
So many boards for sale. Are you hanging up your spurs?
Bunty said…
Hanging up my spurs? I'll be on a board with a zimmer frame before I hang up my spurs. Infact this morning I am off to pick up another board to add to the collection! This time a 140L Mistral............haven't had a board that big since...........can't remember. Too many marginal days and not enough windsurfing days in the year so need to go bigger to get more time on the water.
Boards and sails advertised are some equipement my hubbie is trying to sell off from work.
Joe said…
Phew! I was scared there for a moment.