Wind or Not?

We have had alot of good forecasts over the past few months but on the whole they fizzle out into nothing. We had fairly good forecast last weekend which also fizzled into nothing. Now it's giving an Easterly for Thursday and Friday - not strong but hopefully sailable. Would really like to get wet seeing as I haven't touched a board since the end Nov/beginning Dec sometime. It has been quite good kiting weather (those kites certainly get more time on the water than we do) from what I heard while we were away. The wind just needs to 'up' a bit and I'll be happy.

Meanwhile here in Malta it is a mixture of lovely sunny periods followed by very wet days. Think we have seen more rain in the week we've been back here than we had during the entire 3 weeks in SE Asia - and it was meant to be the wet season there! Interesting to hear the locals talk about how the weather has changed that side of the world in the past few years. Seems to be as unpredictable as ours.