Volvo Ocean Racers Having a Tough Time

The above graph gives the various speeds of the boats in the Volvo Ocean Race during the past 12 to 24 hours. They are having pretty gnarly weather and this fourth leg is proving to be a really tough one. Green Dragon had to go into Salonague Bay to make some repairs before continuing on the race. Other crew members have been hurt catching fingers in winches etc. amongst other things.......................and now lead boat Telefonica Blue crashed into some floating object which has taken a chunk out of their bow. This is what Bouwe Bekking (Telefonica Skipper) had to say earlier this morning:
''We had a collision with an object and there is chunk out of our bow. Luckily it is in our so-called ‘crashbow’, which is about 40 cm thick, and especially designed with this in mind. The real structural bow is further back, so we aren’t taking on water.
The other bad news is we are in a storm again, with gusts up to 45 knots. The main is lashed down to the boom, and we just have a small head sail up. The waves are even more confused than 48 hours ago, so we are taking it very easy - full survival mode again.
Daryl Wislang/NZL hurt his shoulder, and we put him in a bunk. Families: don't worry, he can make all movements, but we are just giving him rest. So that means two men down. I am getting a little better, but every word I type is a hassle, as I am sitting twisted, not good for my back at all. That’s it for now; we have another action night ahead of us. ''
Each boat has its story to tell. To read more on the race go onto the site