Gale Force Easterly/South Easterly Last Monday

Day after left overs - 2nd reef Mellieha Bay. Waves were over mast high most of the time.

John and Manwel boogy boarding the day after

Had hoped to blog this before now but have had some problems trying to put the small amount of video footage I have have basically given up trying!

Well, it was pretty wild Monday. By the afternoon it was blowing an average 40 knots and I noticed on a website after that it was gusting 50knots. I was using a 4m as were most of the guys and they were overpowered. I didn't even bother going out of the main break cos I knew I would just be tossed around all over the place, so I played around on the inside fighting the current and mush but still enjoyed it. After around 45 mins was feeling pretty tired so took some video in the water. Not quite sure which was more tiring - the windsurfing or just trying to stand up in the strong current snapping away!

The following day the wind turned and we got some rare conditions for Malta with the wind cross off against the waves. The waves all over the coast were really impressive just to look at. There were even waves breaking out on the Sikka l-Bajda which lies about a mile offshore. It is very rare for waves to break out there so I drove up to L-Ahrax and saw there were about 4 spots that waves were breaking - all around the shallowest area of the Sikka which is around 11/12m deep at the shallowest. Rigged up to go down but the wind suddenly died though John still went out struggling to get out to try and ride the waves back in. He got a couple of rides but at times he looked like he was moving backwards instead of forwards due to the strong current and lack of wind.

Long for a nice playful force 6! We don't seem to be getting many of those days any more - either a teasing wind or gale force survival! Next week is looking promising though.


PeconicPuffin said…
That's a good looking wave. I'd like to sail that sideshore, onshore, whatever!