Allison Shreeve to do Bass Strait Crossing

Allsion Shreeve - pic taken off her website

Allison Shreeve, known for excelling in the disciplines of Formula Racing, RSX and Speed sailing, is this summer (summer in Oz that is) helping a good cause called ''Life On the Edge'' campaign. This campaign is to raise awareness about coastal care in Australia. Basically trying to get people to look after the magnificent Australian coastline. You can read more about this on

Allison's contribution to this is to raise funds with her Bass Straits crossing. The Bass Straits is the rather treacherous stretch of water between Tasmania and Australia. She is hoping to break two records. One to be the first woman to do this and also to do this in record time.

She is planning her attempt sometime in early February. By doing this Allison also hopes to increase her exposure in order to try and find a sponsor for her 2012 Olympic bid. Unfortunately Allison just missed representing Australia at the Beijing games.