Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Mo's Got to Go!

Whoever reads this PLEASE go onto the Pritchard site and vote that Kevin P's moustache has GOT to go. It is just so awful. Right now the way the voting is going looks like most people hate it. So get on that site and vote for it to go! (Just a bit of fun! So if you are at work in some boring office this will give you that little bit of light hearted entertainment during your boring day!)

Body Broken

Well we had 3 days in a row and I made sure I made the most of it! Result: I am feeling totally broken, could hardly get out of bed today and am now going to have to reach out for a pain killer!

I just wrote a whole load of stuff and published it and after reading it thought it was such trash decided I had to delete and start again! Think it is all due to a windsurfing hangover.

Have decided to do a short write up here about blistered hands and the best way to avoid a very painful scenario. But that's for another day, right now I have a cup of tea and a tablet waiting for me!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Shots from Yesterday

Above are a couple of shots I took yesterday of my 'better half' and youngest son, John.
Had another good day yesterday, but wind direction and stability was better the day before. Hands and body are feeling a bit worse for wear right now! Today should be sailable again, just hoping the wind shifts a bit more Easterly cos it went very South East yesterday late afternoon and still seems to be that way.
More good news - looking at long range forecast it looks like we may have some more Easterly wind next week. A bit far away so it will prob change but ever hoping.

check out the Young Guns site on for some of the kids shots

Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Good Few Days Ahead

Had a great 2/3 hours today. No waves really just tiddlers but had a really terrific sail. Was with the Pro Ed and started off with a 5.5m Tushingham then got too powered so changed down to the 5.2m which I also had to really tighten, but very comfortable. It then suddenly died down alot. Forecast for tomorrow is great with an Easterly 5 to 6 so hopefully we should have some more waves but doubt if they will be very big. Plan to sail till I drop. Also Wednesday is looking sailable. Fingers crossed cos this will be one of the last lots of wind with summer setting in (unless we are in for a windy summer..........wishful thinking).

Temperatures have gone up alot the past few days and it was lovely to be in a shorty, the sea is really warm and air temps were late 20's (around 80F), AND NO JELLYFISH!

Friday, May 23, 2008

More Wind On the Way

This weekend is going to be light winds. Tomorrow morning is an 08.30 start for the yachts participating in the VEGA yacht race. This is an offshore race that takes the yachts from Marsamxett Harbour (Malta) up and around an oil rig, that lies off the coast of Sicily, and back to Malta. Very roughly around 120 miles altogether.

Right now the forecast is showing wind increasing late Monday afternoon to 20 knots + Easterly (great!) and Tuesday carrying on Easterly around 21-22 knots. With a bit of luck it may even be more funneling into the bay. Doubt if the waves will be much - just little tiddlers probably, but hopefully enough to play around on. Hope to be wearing my shorty cos long wetsuit is getting a bit hot, but jelly fish have been quite bad so it may be a matter of wearing long wetsuit for protection.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good Sail Yesterday

Had another good sail yesterday afternoon. Not long - the best wind only lasted around an hour and a half or so but had a really good time with the Pro Ed 86L and 5.5m Tushingham Rock. A great combination for the conditons we had. No waves just piddling little riples, but sailed further out in the bay and had a tiny swell but a great blast sailing back downwind. Was at my limit at one point.

John ( said he managed to carry on planing after a Spock which is pretty good going. Forcast for the coming week is zero wind, just temperatures rising!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wind Tomorrow

Surfer - John

Good forecast for tomorrow for a ESE 25knots with an air temp of 24C so not bad! Get down there early though cos wind is meant to drop off to a force 4 later on in afternoon. Just hope wind doesn't go too south.

On a sober thought:

As I write this I am seeing all the awful pictures on the news re the earthquake in China and typhoon in Burma. Feel a bit useless and bad thinking about enjoying myself in such comfort and thinking of luxurious past times when all these people are suffering and some still buried and are alive. Let's not forget these people - the least we can do is offer a prayer up for them and all those out there helping with these disasters.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting the Most out of your Downhaul Rope

Just been browsing on some of the older posts on one of my favourite blogs 'Peconic Puffin'. Go onto this link to see the excellent tips on getting the most out of your piece of downhaul - it is some excellent advice.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gozo Farmhouse Accommodation/Case Rustiche Per Vacanze

View of house from garden of friend's house

The above is a holiday home belonging to a friend of mine. He, currently, has availability for summer. So if you still haven't booked your summer holiday and are interested in a holiday on the lovely island of Gozo, Malta contact me for more details. The house is VERY well appointed and has a lovely garden with its own herbal patch so you can add some tasty fresh herbs to your cooking.

Rates are reasonable - contact me thru blog or my website for more details, prices and photos.

Meanwhile onto our own personal properties. We still have availability for June in San Pupulju and between the 5th and 19th July Dar Ghax-Xemx is available.

Our properties and any other property I advertise for friends are of a very high standard. Personal attention is given to clients and detail in the houses. So far we have, fortunatley, had no complaints - just good reviews. So if you need any help deciding, planning or just looking for future reference please contact me.

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Penthouse for Sale - Malta

Kitchen/dining area

View from the study

View from the terrace

We are selling our flat/penthouse. It is situated in Mellieha Bay, Malta. We have a lovely view over agricultural land and up to the village church (front seat view for village festa fireworks!).
The balcony is quite large and lovely to have BBQ's on and eat outside during the warm months.
There are 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a shower room. There is a small kitchen with dining area attached and the sitting room area looks out onto the balcony and view up to the church.

We also have a separate little study. It was originally built to be a washroom but we have converted it into a study because it has a fantastic view out over Mellieha Bay. There is also a small balcony. During the hot summer months it is nice and cool to sit out and watch the activity on the water.

As an extra option we have a large one car garage. We have actually fitted two very small cars inside but it is basically a one car garage. The common parts are beautifully finished and the lift takes you down to the garage level too. The bus stops are close by and one minute away is the beach. There are also some nice restaurants and pizzerias close by too. There is also a gym at one of the hotels near the beach.

The village of Mellieha has everything you want for shopping including banks, supermarkets, delicious bakery etc.

The only reason we are selling is because we plan to move to the sister island of Gozo in the near future.

If interested contact me thru my blog or you can also contact me thru my website .

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Great Weekend

Godfrey hanging out! A group of the kiters are off to Egypt kiting today.

Well I have managed to sail 3 days out of the past 4. I think that's pretty good going. I enjoyed every minute of it and still rearing to go. Yesterday the wind teased alot then picked up late afternoon and I changed up to a 5.5m and used my Mistral Pro 86L. Brilliant combination and fully powered up. I had a great time even though waves were small but it was fun and can't wait to get in the water again. Forecast right now is showing a strong SE (which tends to be gusty) for Saturday, but that's still a bit far off so will no doubt change - but fingers and toes crossed.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday Surfing




Another good day yesterday. Unfortunately due to change over day in Gozo only managed to get a late sail in - but better a good hour than nothing at all.

Above some pics taken over the past two days.

Today wind has disappeared but looks like it is picking up again to around force 6 for tomorrow.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Great Day

I had a great day windsurfing today. Started off very shifty as it was SE. First went down with a 5m and 86l board. Soon after the wind shifted a bit and it picked up nicely so went down with my 74l wave board and 4.2m . Tomorrow have some work to do first but hope will be able to go down later on in the afternoon. Forecast saying NE 7-8.
Check out John's blog for some pics I took today.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pritchard Video

Go onto the Pritchard Bros site and take a look at this video clip. It's the duckgybe (Move of the month) but there are other shots in it. Worth looking at. They make everything they do look so easy!

Looking Great for the Weekend

Well so far all the forecast sites are saying the same thing for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So it's looking good. SE on Friday 5-6 then going NE Saturday up to a 7 (NE means bigger waves - great!) and then Sunday going down to a Force4. So we're going to get wet!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blogging sessions coming up

I know I have not been as active blogging as I usually am , but I am going to correct that by the end of this week. I have a whole stash of stuff that I need to sort through and get out thru my blog. A mixture of Gozo Cultural events, walks, some windsurfing stuff I want to do etc etc. I think I have been on the computer so much recently that my eyes and brain can't really take much more of it at the mo. BUT I WILL get down to sorting my stuff out and getting it up here on this blog.

The REALLY good news is that the weekend forecast is looking mightly good. Starting off on Friday afternoon with around 21knots of E then around 24knots for Sat and 21knots for Sunday. Bad news is I have changeovers in Gozo on Saturday but I have worked it all out how I am going to organise it so I can be back down here and in the water by around 2.30. If the forecast holds I CANNOT miss it, especially since it is a direction I love here in the bay with a few waves. If it holds I plan to surf till my hands are raw and bleeding - I can face the music after.


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