Well KL has been a very different part to our holiday. The first day we visited the Petronas Towers - I did make out a whole schedule for the day, but we didn't get further than the towers! The mall there is quite amazing and we spent the entire day in there!! Definitely the most impressive thing about the towers is to view them from the front end of the gardens at night. Words cannot really describe the scene except that it is 'awesome' (as the Americans would say!). They look so stunning and like something out of a sci-fi movie. During the day we also took the opportunity to see the newly released film Australia which is a 'must see'. Although the story side is very obvious and there is the typical soppy romance side the acting is excellent by all three main characters. Infact it is probably one of the best things Nicole Kidman has done.

Yesterday we visited and went up the KL tower. To be honest that was a bit of a disappointment. The view is great ofcourse but the tower is very tired looking and needs a bit of makeover in the visitors areas.

Tonight we leave KL and go back to Singapore for a couple of days before flying back home.

Once back in Sing will try and upload a couple more pics.


Hey glad you made it here. Malaysian will surely miss you.

What you said about the KL Tower is quite true. It's due for for sprucing up and I think it's already on the pipeline.

Cheers and do come back soon!
The Malaysian Explorer