Padi fields

Balinese dancer

Well our Bali side of the trip is coming to an end as we fly to KL tomorrow. It has been a great 9 days here and we have seen various aspects of Bali life.
The town we are in right now is called Ubud and if anybody visits Bali you cannot come here without a visit here. Infact I would recommend basing yourself here in Ubud and go out on day trips either hiring a car/scooter or get a driver for the day. Prices are ridiculously cheap and I think you get more of a feeling for Bali in Ubud than staying in the more touristic areas.

Today did a great walk through padi fields and forest - basically got a bit lost but we found our way back through some other village and spoke to some very friendly locals for quite a while on the way.

Next stop KL....................


Anonymous said…
have a Merry Christmas Bunt! Clearly you're enjoying it!