Well we arrived here late last night and when we reached the hotel it was like walking into a travel brochure! I am thrilled that it is much better than I even hoped for. The whole atmosphere of the place is really exotic. I booked a small family run place not wanting some awful polished resort and it just could not be better.

The architecture is typically Balinese and everyone is so friendly.............sometimes a bit too friendly!

Today is a simple chill out day.Relaxing after the fast pace of life in Singapore. And chilling out we are! What is so nice here and relaxing to the ears is that there seems to be the sound of running water everywhere. Water features here are all part of the architectural environment.
OK time to stop cos this could go on and on and on.

Have tried to get onto my email but with no luck. The computers here are very slow and some things just don't come up. I want to try and get some pics up so will have to see if I can get the camera to work on this computer.

Feeling so relaxed that I just want to lie down and doze off!

Hope my next entry will be a load of photos.


Simon said…
Nice to see you're having a great time! ENJOY!!! We are all very jealous I'm sure!! :P