Before I came on this trip I had every intention to keep this blog updated but so far I have failed miserably! Not having my laptop with me makes it a bit more difficult. Also the internet service is very very slow.

Anyhow since my last installment we have been to a small island off Bali called Nusa Lembongan which was great. You can walk round it in a day if you wish. We walked round about half of it but it is pretty hot work!

We did a great 4 hour trip snorkelling on an outrigger boat. We snorkelled 3 different places and it was like swimming in an aquarium. The colours of the fish and coral are beautiful but watching the behaviour of the fish is fascinating. It makes you appreciate the wonders of nature!

The people here are very very friendly and kind, though some can be a real pest and you have to be quite harsh with them when they keep on and on bothering you for various things like taking you on a boat, trying to sell you soemthing or trying to rent you a bike etc.

We are now back in Bali in a place called Ubud which is inland and the cultural centre of the island of Bali. It is a bustling fascinating place and so far we have just had a glimpse of the market which is just pure buyers and hagglers heaven.

Tomorrow we are going on a day trip with a private driver (very cheap over here!) so looking forward to that. Am also forming alot of interesting ideas for our next house conversion.............lots of fun with that!

As I write Geckos are scurrying all along the wall infront of me, the relaxing sound of water running is all around, the air is balmy warm (though very hot during the day) and I am looking forward to some more good food tonight! Indonesian food is DELICIOUS!