Satellite pic taken off Windfinder

Well as I always say here in Malta - we either get too little wind or too much wind. The fun stuff in the middle we don't seem to see very much of! After no decent wind for the past 6 weeks, or something like that, the forecast for the weekend is gale force winds. Windfinder right now is giving a steady 32 to 35 knots for Saturday while Weather Underground is giving 44 knots! Direction WNW. There will massive shore break at Ghallis so if I brave the conditions it will have to be in the safety of the bay here in Mellieha which means no waves but very choppy and bone rattling conditions and probably very gusty too. Unless it looks like there will be lots of fun I may just become official photographer. Having said all that Friday may give us a decent sail in the afternoon. Still early in the week so conditions are bound to change a bit. But fingers crossed to at least get a couple of hours of fun sailing in.


PeconicPuffin said…
Picky, picky picky!

I hope you have some high-wind fun.
Bunty said…
Picky?? Well maybe my age is starting to show here! I'll surf....but somewhere where I won't be smashed up on the rocks.
Geraldine said…
Hey! nice to read a blog from a Maltese woman who windsurfs! I started riding on the back of windsurfers at age 4, and windsurfed from age 8 until my father passed away ten years later. i'm now out of touch with the sport but perhaps i could pick it up again in the summer. don't you feel at all cold in the sea? I only ever windsurfed in the summer, as dad would not trust me in the sea in that cold, with exams and all ... :)
Bunty said…
Thanks for your comment Geraldine. No it's not at all cold windsurfing in winter since we wear wetsuits and while on the water you are moving around all the time so you keep really warm.
You should take it up! We need more representatives of the female sex on the water!