Photo by Chris Spiteri

Yesterday had a really nice sail in the bay. Wind was very South West so had a few patches but was some nice blasting. Used my Mistral Pro 86L and 5m Tushingham Rock. Tommy had his GPS going and we all did a stint with it which really showed me how tough these guys who go for the speed record must be. I enjoyed using the GPS cos it kind of gave you a goal and so you kept pushing and pushing. Ofcourse none of us have proper speed gear but its a fun thing to do. Speeds were not phenomenal and mine was the slowest ofcourse (ha ha!) at 24.8knots. My aim is to hit the 30knot mark...............we'll see how long that takes!

You have to sail totally on the edge of being catapulted and on a broad broad reach and you just know when you have done that slightly faster speed, you can really feel it. Most of the bay was very choppy but there was a nice flat area in the last gust before the slipway and that is where I could feel my fastest speeds. I am full of admiration for these guys who try to break the record. They must be soooooooooo tough. I have watched them in Fuerte in extremely difficult conditions sailing way overpowered etc etc and they are out there for a couple of hours at a time full out. How do they do it? Especially the women. Well I have a long way to go to get anywhere near the fastest women in the world cos their speeds are like double what I got yesterday................................yeah in my dreams! Maybe I could one day try and be something like the fastest OLDEST woman on the water! Now that's a thought.


Simon said…
Did you use your camera on the boom? Would be interested to see how that worked! Regarding speed... have you heard a kitesurfer beat the 50knot barrier? They beat windsurfers by quite a long way! Quite impressive!
Simon said…
Oh! and the fastest was a woman!
Bunty said…
No no you misunderstand (unfortunately!) I was the slowest!! But having said that not as far behind as I thought I would be.
Re camera on boom it works pretty well but not much to see in flat water. In the waves there will be much more action.
Simon said…
Check this out!

For sure! It will be more exciting in waves! Agreed!
Bunty said…
Yea I had seen that. Namibia, besides the canal in France, is now the big hotspot for speed surfing. The advantage that a kite has over a windsurfer is that due to their tiny fins they can practically sail on the sand so it is flat flat flat. Whereas a windsurfer has to sail a bit further out where the chop begins Do I sound bias or what??