Attaching my ProHero Camera to my Boom

Strapped the wrist strap to the front end of boom as tight as I could

Cut around an 8" strip of velcro which I threaded thru the strap attachment bars. I had to cut the velcro to adjust the width to fit snuggly in the top strap bar

Tightly attached the velcro strap on the velcro on boom to keep camera secure

Pro Hero have just come out with a new wide angle version of the camera specially adapted for surfing. You can even get a boom attachment besides the helmet attachment that goes with it. My camera is the basic camera that comes with a wrist strap. So when it comes to windsurfing I have had to improvise quite a bit and it is usually a last minute job before going out on the water. I can actually send off to buy the boom attachment but I thin that my system will work well when I try it this weekend. Today I decided to look ahead and organise the camera properly. What I came up with is the above and I think it should work well. Before going down I will just need to adjust the camera to make sure it is angled in the right position. From previous use I have found that this is the best position on the boom and the video quality is excellent.


Anonymous said…
looks cool
hope u manage to get some good clips, looking forward for the wind!!!

david vassallo