RMSR 2008 - It's a Slow Slow Race


In sharp contrast to the dramatic race last year ( gale force winds , lovely "LOKI" having to be abandoned plus the majority of the fleet retiring to seek shelter in the harbours of Sicily) this year certainly is not going to break any records. Unless it becomes the slowest race on record!!

As I type the leading boat is ALEGRE with MONEYPENNY hot on her heels. They are approaching Pantelleria with the front runners of the rest of the fleet just rounding the western tip of Sicily towards the islands off Favignana. The leaders up there are ROSEBUD and RAN. STRAIT DEALER (a boat based in Malta) is doing well and quite far up front with some of the bigger boats. COMANCHE RAIDER also seems to be quite far ahead in the fleet. Otherwise the rest are pretty much in a bunch heading towards Palermo.

There should be some better breezes starting to come in tonight so hopefully the sailors will get some sailing in that is a bit more exciting than it has been so far.