Middle Sea Race Drama

The above pic is taken off the RMSR website. You can see the latest full report of the race and if you go onto the media gallery there are some really great photos of the race. http://www.rolexmiddlesearace.com/news/index.cfm?ID=158&f

The Med is well known for its unpredictable weather which can change within minutes (if not seconds). Yesterday the boats around Pantelleria experienced some pretty scary conditions when they were hit by a squall with sudden gusts of 40knots and over. Italian yacht SCIARA broke her mast, other yachts had torn mainsails. Maltese yacht AZIZA was knocked onto her side for several minutes until they managed to get the sails down. British yacht GYRATE was struck by lightening...........so there have been a few retirements and some boats had to go into Pantelleria to seek shelter and assess their damage.

There are still alot of boats that have not finished yet, but as results stand as I type they are like this:

1. Alegre (Mills 68)
2. Bella Donna (Vismara 46)
3. Moneypenny (STP65)
4. Strait Dealer (J125) - The first Maltese boat

I think I will go up to the channel to see if there are any boats passing thru and try and get some shots.