Looking Back a Bit at 2008

Well it has been pretty boring with wind promised and either not materialising, coming up too late or being border line.

Since I have been bragging about what an active blog I have I thought I had better put an entry in...........so I am taking a short pictoral look back through some of 2008.

The Rolex Middle Sea Race 2008 will be starting in just over a couple of weeks time so there should be lots to report when that gets going.

Hubby back in May

John playing around also back in May

John during the colder months

John racing on 'ARTIE' in the spring

Some sunset cruising on the Drascombe in July

One of the many beautiful coves around our islands - this one is in the Gozo channel

Sailing on the Drascombe this summer with the cruising chute up

This is the nightmare of our bay during the peak of the summer. Boats, boats and more boats. Not exactly a haven of tranquility!! Thank God that is all over for another year and we have the bay to ourselves again.