Light Wind for Middle Sea Race

Photos - Bunty

The start of the Middle Sea Race went off with a bang (literally a bang................enough to make you jump out of your skin if you were not prepared for it!). Unfortunately the wind was very light so the fleet made a slow start out of Marsamxett harbour to round the buoy and head off down the coast to round another marker buoy off Bahar Ic-Caghaq and then out to sea towards Sicily. It has been slow progress but as I type the leading boats have passed thru the Straits of Messina and are heading towards Stromboli. I can't say who the lead boats are right now cos I am having difficulty getting into the Position Tracker on the website. No doubt there are loads of people viewing at the moment.
This year there were no Maxi's which I missed cos they are such an amazing sight, especially when you see them creeping up behind the massive height of the bastions - their mast height being much higher. It is a very impressive sight and one that I would never tire of seeing. Hopefully next year they will be back. Nevertheless there was still a very high calibre of yacht on the water and a record amount of entries. This year saw very few Maltese entries - I think only around 6 or 7 but I stand to be corrected. Amongst them Elusive, Escape, Air Malta, and Aziza. Comanche Raider is racing looking great in her new colours and looked very impressive on the start.
You can follow the race by going onto the official site