Guy Cribb & Antoine Albeau make it across the English Channel in more than Challenging Conditions

From the press release:
The current windsurfing world champion and world sailing speed record holder Antoine Albeau of France and 13 times British Champion windsurfer Guy Cribb windsurfed across the English Channel in a storm, taking the long route from Cherbourg to Poole (70 miles). Antoine's world speed record is windsurfing at 56 mph, but on this remarkable journey to raise money for the Ellen MacArthur Trust their top speeds were around 40 mph over huge waves and choppy water, making it very difficult and dangerous to sail faster.

Their average speed was slower as they had to deal with massive waves and giant tankers in the busy shipping lanes, and needed to rest due to fatigue and high speed crashes. At times they were over 30 miles from the nearest land with waves the size or rows of terraced houses, blocking their view of each other and of their support boats. No one has ever windsurfed across this wide stretch of the Channel before in a storm.

They raised over £7000 for the
Ellen MacArthur Trust which takes young people aged between 8-18 on sailing trips to help them regain their confidence, on their way to recovery from cancer, leukaemia and other serious illness. They had a hero's welcome at Sandbanks with BBC and ITV covering the story live. "This was the toughest day's windsurfing of my life. I've sailed in 30ft surf and 70 mph winds before, but nothing was as hard as this crossing. At the half way stage I left my kit and clambered on board the rescue boat exhausted. I was sea sick, cold, starving and had absolutely no energy left. I then had to jump back into the sea, 30 miles from England with only one way home. I had cramp everywhere but had to finish it for the charity. It was an amazing day!" Guy Cribb "This was much harder than I imagined. The waves and the chop were really dangerous. We could not of done this today with out the support of each other- when Guy was tired I pushed him on, when I was tired he was pushing me. It was perfect." Antoine Albeau