Great Day Saturday

Rider: Bernard Pic: Bunty
At last we got some wind last Saturday. It turned out to be a great day. Started off with wind being a bit northerly then veered towards the north west later in the day. I used my Fanatic wave board 74L with Tushingham Rock 4.5m. Once I got overpowered I decided to dedicate some time to photography which I am enjoying almost as much as surfing. I swam out to the point of the island which is an excellent place to get good pics. Also with the little ProHero camera I have I need to be as close to the subject as possible since it doesn't have a zoom, but I am still amazed at the quality that such a tiny thing can produce and it lasts for a good couple of hours use. The camera is only about 3" X 2" or something like that so it is really tiny.
I have put a small movie together which I have just uploaded onto Youtube. Will be sending it on this blog too when the uploading etc has finished. It gives quite a good idea of the sort of conditions we get in Ghallis, though Saturday the waves and swell were nowhere as big as they usually get. By the end of the day with the wind increasing to a 7 the waves were building up pretty well, infact it was quite tricky trying to get off the island and back into the water! The footage I took on the other side of the island is a bit small, the surfers were too far away to get some good footage with the ProHero. The best is to stick to dry land and use the Fujipix camera for that side.


Joe said…
Awesome, I look forward to seeing the vid.