..............a bit of wind on the last leg of the Middle Sea Race

Pic: Bunty

Just come back from Gozo and while on the ferry took my camera hoping to be lucky enough to be able to get a shot of Rosebud coming through the Comino channel. I saw a large yacht in the distance approaching Malta but it was too far away for the camera. I can only presume it was Rosebud. I may go up there later on to try to get a nice shot of her. Once she comes out of the channel it will a beat back to harbour. A nice wind has picked up around Malta - must be a good force 4 outside South East but looking on Windfinder the wind is still very light around Lampedusa which is where most of the fleet are heading for or rounding right now.
As things stand Alegre is still standing in first position and am pretty sure that is the way it will remain. Alegre and Moneypenny crossed the line this morning.
The above yacht, ''Seawolf'' is owned by Atlantic Charters who provide a variety of yacht services which include charter, sailing courses, race training and mile building. They can be found on this link


D Latham said…
Hi Bunty,

I love your blog, especially the pic of Seawolf (Iberian Seguros), This is my boat. Do you have any more nice shots of her, if so could I use them on my blog and website please? www.atlanticcharters.co.uk email dave@atlanticcharters.co.uk


Bunty said…
Great to get comments from you guys! Pics will be sorted out as soon as poss and off to you. Thanks again for the comment.